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Module 3 - Bread of Life

Part 1:
Celebrating the Eucharist

We have some discussion questions to go along with the video. Depending on your kid's attention span, you can break the discussion into two parts, or save it for the end.

After the first half (around the 13:00 minute mark), take a minute to chat together:


  1.  What does the word Eucharist mean? (Hint: Thanksgiving)

  2.  What are we thankful for? (Hint: Jesus’ sacrifice)

  3.  When you go to Mass, what do you think about?

  4.  How many times can you go to Mass and receive Communion (also called the Eucharist)?


At the end of the video:


  1. When we receive Jesus in Communion he blesses us in many ways, can you name a few?

  2. One way is that He brings us closer to himself. Can you give an example of how you become closer to Jesus?

  3. He gives us power over bad things. Can you give an example of how receiving Jesus give you power over bad things?

  4. He helps us to be the light of Christ for others. Give 3 examples of how Jesus helps us be the light of Christ for others. (Hint: We talked about two in the last module!)


Watch Brother Francis
The Bread of Life - Celebrating the Eucharist

Are you excited to  receive your first holy communion?

We are so excited for you - and so are your parents and family.  You are doing a great job already!
Remember your First Reconciliation wasn't so bad after all - and you received God's mercy and love.
The same for your First Communion.  After you receive Jesus for the first time, you can come back and receive Him again and again!

Part 2: 
The Saints Follow Jesus

Do you know what it means to follow in someone’s footsteps? It means that there are qualities (good things) about that person that you admire and you try to be like them by doing good things too.

As Christians, we are called to follow in Jesus' footsteps, to be like him in the way we treat others, help others and forgive others.  In the Brother Francis video that you watched, there was a story of Blessed Imelda.  There are many people who followed in the footsteps of Jesus. We call these people Saints.

Click the image to read about 4 Saints. Read each Saint card and decide which Saint you would like to include in your day. Pray to Jesus each day to help you make good choices and decisions... and you can also ask the Saint you choose to pray for you and help you too!

Want to explore more about the saints? 
Click here!


You're all finished module 3!

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