Module 4 - A Great Start

Part 1: 
What to expect on your First Reconciliation day


We can understand that many children might be a bit nervous about their First Reconciliation.  Please watch this video with your child to help them to understand what will happen on the day of their First Reconciliation!  Thanks to our friends at Good Shepherd Parish for putting this together and sharing with us!


Hey parents!

Been a while for you too?  No worries.  You are always welcome to return the Sacrament, even if it's been a few years or decades. 


We have an instruction video for adults here (skip to the 2 minute mark).  You can find the times on our website.  Just let the priest know if you are a bit rusty with the process and they will explain everything.  Seriously!


Part 2:   Let us know you've finished this module (Module 4!)

Great job!  This is the end of the preparation program for your child.

There are two more steps that are just for parents:


  • A parent information page

  • A page with information to come back to on the day of your child's First Reconciliation with additional instructions.

After you have submitted this form, our sacramental preparation team will be in touch to further discuss a date for your child's First Reconciliation. 

Please fill out your child's first and last name so we know that you've completed the program up to Module 4.

When we think about our experience completing this online program, my child and I think this was:
To help us in the future, if there was not a pandemic:

Thanks for submitting!

Great Job!
You're all finished - the rest
is just for parents!