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First Communion Preparation
Just for Parents!

Thank you.  You did it!

On this page we just a have few things to wrap up, including a video just for you, a reflection, and one more chance to put your love for your child down on paper. You are almost there!

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Parent Part 1:
Why are we Catholic?

Please watch this video with your partner. It is just for adults, so you kid is off the hook for this one. If you leave with one thing from this video, remember:

We become one Body with God in the Eucharist. We receive who we are meant to be.

Masses are available either in-person and online. If you have questions, connect with the parish by phone, Facebook, or Instagram.

Parent Part 2:
Who has God entrusted to YOU?

In our Reconciliation program, we suggested writing a letter to your child about your hopes and dreams for them. If you haven’t written that letter, there is still time. (See below for the instructions). If you did write the letter, make sure it’s in safe spot where you can locate it on their First Communion day.

We also mentioned having your child’s Godparents be a part of the preparation, or share with your child their first communion memories. However you involve the godparents, there will be something positive that comes from it. When we share our faith and memories with someone, it lasts a lifetime. 

Lastly, we would like for you to watch this short video above and then ask yourself a question: 

Who are the people God has already placed in my life?

Parent Part 3:
Get it on paper!

(skip if previously completed)

A Letter: From Us to You

Dear Parents,

Congratulations!  We realize it is a commitment to take the time to sit down with your child watch the videos, do the crafts, discuss the questions we have, and then answer the bigger questions that your child asks of you.

Life is full of questions.  When you were married, you were asked questions, and your response was, "I do."  When you had your child baptized, you were asked a series of questions, and you answered, "I do."  Each time you answered "I do", you made a commitment.

There was a strong reason why we focused on the day of your child’s baptism in our preparation program.  That was your child's beginning of a relationship with God; a relationship that will last a lifetime.  A dream that God has for each one of us, a relationship with him.

As a last step, we are asking you to share with your child the dream you have for them.  Write a letter to your child and give it to them on the day they celebrate their First Communion.

We pray for you and your family each and every day.


God bless you,

Our Parish Sacramental Preparation Team, Our Clergy & Staff, and Parishioners of St. Paul the Apostle Parish

Image by Green Chameleon

A Letter: From You to Your Child

We are asking you to share with your child the dream you have for them. Write a letter to your child and give it to them on the day they celebrate their First Communion.

This is a great opportunity for your child to receive something in writing from you that they can read and reflect on during their journey.

Here are some suggestions for what to write. You don't have to write about all of them, just some things to consider if you are stuck.


  • What do you want your child to remember about his or her family?

  • What do you want your child to remember about the time you shared preparing for the Sacrament of Reconciliation?

  • What was your favourite memory of this time shared together?

  • Let them know how much God means to you and what you hope for in the future.

Bonus idea:   Get your child's godparents involved!

  • Think of your godparents. Have they had an active role in your faith formation?

  • Consider:  How important is it to you that your child's godparent are active in his or her life? If they are involved in your child’s life ask them to write a letter as well.

  • Consider: If they aren't as involved as you would like, perhaps have a video chat or a phone call with your child and them so your child can share their experience of this program and what God means to them. Maybe this will prompt them to take the next step and become more involved.

Parent Part 4:
Stay Connected With Faith At Home


The next pages are about the mini-retreat and details about your child's First Communion day.

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