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First Reconciliation & First Communion

Come closer to Jesus through these beautiful Sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion!


We are excited to journey with you and your family and look forward to helping you experience Christ's love for us all through these two Sacraments.


The long-standing tradition in the Catholic Church upholds the role of the family and its involvement in preparing children to receive these Sacraments.  We recognize that parents are the primary catechists and faith witnesses in a child's life!  Our parish is here to walk with you so that your child can experience these sacraments in all their fullness.

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Throughout the Archdiocese of Kingston, the preparation for the reception of these Sacraments is now done in the parish.  While our Catholic schools will continue to offer invaluable religious education to your child, parishes will now take on the immediate preparation for these sacraments and help you – the parent – in forming your child in the Catholic Faith.


At St. Paul the Apostle parish, children will be expected to attend five (5) sessions of sacramental formation prior to receiving these sacraments.  The specific dates and times of these sessions will be clearly indicated on the registration form.

The celebration of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion will no longer be a school celebration but a parish celebration.  More information will be given at the Parent Information Session, as given on the registration form.

Children are naturally spiritual beings and this spiritual life thrives when they see their parents, educators and fellow parishioners engaged in religious practice and their relationship with God. These affirming links between parish, home and school form the child in the values of the Gospel as they see these values lived at home, in the school and in the parish.

We invite any young person and their family who feels they are ready to approach the Church for these sacraments to complete the following steps below: 

Step One - Making the Commitment:

The Sacrament of Holy Communion initiates the candidate deeper into the life of Christ in the Church and strengthens him or her for the challenges of Christian living as a disciple of the Lord. Therefore, this Sacrament is properly celebrated when the candidate with their family has made a decision, proper to his or her age, to believe in the Lord, to live according to His teachings, and participate in the life of the Church. Parents and guardians – as the first educators in the Faith – are expected to make the same commitments since their child will need their support to live a vibrant life in the Catholic Church and participate in the sacramental preparation process.

We warmly invite the candidates and their families to participate in the life of their local parish by attending Sunday Mass!


Step Two - Register:

Registration for Reconciliation/First Communion takes place in the Parish to which you belong and where you and your family attend Mass. (Where is my parish?)

For those belonging to Saint Paul the Apostle Parish, please access the Registration Form below.


Step Three - Submit your Baptismal Certificate:

Candidates for First Communion must provide a Baptismal Certificate, which clearly indicates the Church, date and place of Baptism. If the baptism took place at Saint Paul the Apostle Parish (this parish), only the date of Baptism will be needed.  Once registered, certificate or baptismal information can be sent by email to:

Step Four - Prepare:

Once the Registration Form has been submitted, it's time to start preparation for First Communion!  As mentioned above, family involvement in sacramental formation is key!  Here is what can be done at home and what to expect from the parish:

At Home: Now is the time to begin!  Available are a series of modules (short videos and discussion questions) that, while not mandatory, your child can do at home and some other videos to help you – the parent – best form your child in the Catholic Faith.  We encourage you to use these resources as an opportunity to help your child learn about Reconciliation and Holy Communion!

          Access our modules for Reconciliation here

          Access our modules for Holy Communion here!


Parish: The Parish is the family of families and is the place where God calls all to assemble as the Body of Christ and a Community of Faith to give thanks and praise to God, to witness to the risen life of Christ and to continue the work of evangelisation and outreach. In addition to the religious education your child is receiving in our Catholic Schools, the Parish will be offering preparation classes.  Your child will be expected to attend five (5) sessions held at the parish.  The specific dates will be outlined on the Registration Form.

  • Are there requirements for the parents?
    Yes. At least one parent must be a practicing Catholic. Parents must participate in our baptism preparation program, regardless of having a child previously baptized. Once parents have completed that baptism preparation program you will be able to schedule the baptism date.
  • When are baptisms held?
    Baptisms can be held at a variety of times. Since the Sacrament of Baptism is about welcoming your child into the Christian community, celebrating the sacrament at a weekend or even a weekday Mass is preferred. However, baptisms for invited friends and family may also be arranged.
  • What are the requirements for godparents?
    Yes. At least one of the godparents must be a practicing Catholic.
  • How old can a godparent be?
    All godparents must be 16 years of age or older.
  • Can there be more than 2 godparents?
    No, there can only be 2 official godparents. Godparents are a godmother and godfather. There cannot be two godmothers or two godfathers. Alternatively, a family can also just have one godparent.
  • What if a godparent is out of town and cannot make the baptism?
    You can have a godparent by proxy. Please indicate this on the baptism inquiry form.
  • Is there a cost for the baptism preparation resources?
    Yes - we use the online baptismal prepartion resource from Ascension Press called, Belonging: Baptism in the Family of God. This resource costs ~$12 CAD and is to be paid for by your family. Please contact us if you need assistance or if this is not feasible for your family.
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