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Virtual Cafe

Missing the interactions and catching up with other parishioners after Mass every weekend?

After the Livestream 9:00 am Mass on Sunday, we will join in fellowship in our Virtual Café.

Click the link below at the end of Mass, which will connect you to a Zoom Call. 


The room will open for people to experience ~20 minutes of fellowship, catching up, and talking about today’s homily in our Virtual Café.

General Questions about the Virtual Cafe

-  You do not need a Zoom account to participate.  Just click the link that will appear on your screen and then click 'Join the Call'.

-  Zoom calls have limits and we expect the Virtual Cafe to fill up quickly.

-  The rooms are only open for a brief period towards the end of Mass, so if you click on it too early, you may need to wait for the Virtual Cafe to open.

Virtual cafe (1).png
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