Our Sponsored Families

The Maree Family

As they approach the third anniversary of their arrival in Kingston, the Maree family is flourishing! 


Hamid, the youngest, began Grade 3 in September and joined the Kingston Clippers soccer skills development program in October.  Ahmed, next in line, is on LCVI’s honour roll in recognition of his achievement in the last academic year (Grade 10).  The bewildered young boy who entered Grade 8 at Calvin Park in Jan 2016, who knew neither the language nor the people, has had phenomenal progress.  Son Mohammad has been employed at The Kingston Coffee House at the Kingston Centre complex.  He works three shifts and is requesting a more flexible schedule at work in order to allow him to attend fourth period (Student Success) at school.  These changes and a relatively light course load this semester should allow him the time he needs.  He is planning for the Grade 12 math credit next semester.  Radia and her oldest son Hussein switched ESL programs from LINC to the Limestone Board.  Radia hopes to get an ESL level certification very soon. With a clear understanding of her current level in English she will investigate enrolling in a job program.  Her husband, Mahmoud, continues at LINC and began the process of registering in the KEYS employment program with hopes of finding work soon.  Like his younger brother, Hussein works at the Kingston Coffee House.  He works five or six shifts a week. He is seeking his ESL level certification soon to see what next steps in education will be available to him.


The entire family has received needed dental care since their arrival.  As they settle into a Fall routine they hope to continue Thursday evening ESL and school support.  Their weekend tutor, Kathy, is hoping to resume her work with them next month. 


Sanctuary will be coordinating the four boys’ citizenship applications with Immigrant Services Kingston and Area in November, to be processed on or after December 15.  The Maree family has worked hard and their prospects are bright!

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